The Proposal

The date in this post is an arbitrary date to “hide” it behind the real posts on my blog, as this post is just an English translation of the original post that you can find here.

August 14, 2017 was a beautiful day with warm weather and clear skies, just like every other day in California. I was visiting my boyfriend Dustin in his hometown, Lompoc, and during my 4 week long stay there, we used to go out and play frisbee very often. He was training me to throw correctly, and I loved how fun it was. We also combined playing frisbee with visiting all the many parks in Lompoc; we would go to a new park every time we went to play.

There was nothing different this Monday when I asked Dustin if we could go and play frisbee again. He agreed, but asked if his best friend, Jake, could join us. Jake lived in Arizona at that time, but was home in Lompoc for a couple days. Of course he could join! I thought it would be even more fun to play frisbee if we were more people. We drove to a new park I had not been in before, and everything seemed normal to me, except for the fact that this park had a lot of trees. I did not think that much about it, I was sure the park was bigger than I could see, and that it would be more open beyond the trees.


Ken Adam Park in Lompoc, CA.

What was strange, however, was Dustin’s behavior.
“Are we going to practice throwing frisbee around trees?” I joked. He responded in a serious manner that no, it was more open beyond the trees.This is not the way he normally reacts when I joke, since he has a very good sense of humor, so I thought it was a bit weird. As we got out of the car, Dustin picked up a shoulder bag he normally uses at work. That was also strange, but I thought perhaps Jake needed something Dustin was bringing him in the bag, and so none of these “abnormalities” made me react. We started to walk, and I saw that the trees opened up along the path we were walking on.


There was a guy in an orange vest further ahead, and as we closed in, I discovered to my surprise that it was Mitch, the boyfriend of Amanda who is one of Dustin’s best friends. I did not know Mitch very well, so I thought “Oh, so this is what Mitch does for a living. Something in construction or a safety thing”. But as we approached him, neither he nor Dustin behaved like they knew each other.
“I’m sorry, but you can’t come any closer. There has been a planecrash.” he said as I was about to greet him.
“Planecrash?!!!” I exclaimed a bit more excited than one should be about such news.
“Oh, but that is not a problem”, Dustin responded, and pulled up an ID from his shoulderbag. “I am actually an air crash investigator, and my girlfriend here is studying aviation security. If you want, we can help with the investigation”.
I got very confused at first, because I thought there was a real plane crash until Dustin said he was an air crash investigator (I am the most gullible person in the world). I now understood that something was going on, and I did not know whether I should play along, or laugh, or just stay passive.
Mitch brought us further down the path, and we came to an opening where a small area was sealed off by yellow safety tape, and I could see a small, yellow wreck inside the confinement.


Inside the confined area I saw Jake waiting for us in an orange vest, and outside stood Amanda. She did not wear a vest, and we were told that Jake was leading the investigation while Amanda was a witness who had seen the plane crash. Dustin took command over the investigation, and interrogated Amanda, who could tell that just before the plane had crashed in the bush, it had poured lots of sparkling hearts out from it, behind a pink banner with something written in a strange language.
Dustin gave me a block of paper and a pen and told me to write down everything I saw; any fact, evidence and lead. Meanwhile, he walked around and took pictures of the scene. I was convinced they had fabricated a real air crash, so I got extremely focused on finding the cause and checked everything very carefully. My thoughts were rushing to try to remember everything I had learned about air crash investigation, but I was so perplexed I had trouble thinking straight.


After a while, Dustin came over and asked if I had any conclusion about what could have caused the crash. I responded that I could not come to any conclusion without having checked the black box, if the plane had any.
“Hm, where could that be?” Dustin said and scratched his head. I told him they are normally placed in the back of the plane, but this plane did not have any.
“It must have been thrown out from the wreck when it crashed. How far away do you think it could have landed?”
We started searching through the bush the plane had crashed into, and after a while Dustin exclaimed from the other side of the bush that he found something I had to see. I walked around the bush and found him on his knee with a black box in his hand.


He opened it and revealed the most beautiful ring I have ever seen, while asking if I wanted to marry him ❤️
I was shocked and screamed YES!!!!! while crying and holding my hands in front of my face, but then he asked if I wanted to marry him one more time and I realized it had all been in my head while in reality I stood frozen without moving or saying a word. I barely managed to say yes before throwing myself around his neck, and we hugged each other for a long time before Dustin put the ring on my finger and kissed me. It was a magical moment, and I had not noticed that everything was being filmed and photographed.


I am still in shock over the amazing proposal. That he arranged an air crash for me and hid the ring in the black box. There is no way he could have proposed to me in a better and more fitting way, and I had not expected anything like this at all! I really am the luckiest girl in the world!!! And what amazing friends he has that helped with everything!

Dustin has a very great sense for humor and details, so here are some details from the wreck:


As pilot he used a Starlord/Peter Quill figurine from Guardians of the Galaxy, and put a “cellphone” in the hand with something written on it. While investigating the plane, I tried to see what it said when he came and pulled out a magnifying glass, and I almost died when I saw the sticker on it 🤣
According to him, the cause of the crash was that the pilot was texting and flying. He sent an sms just before crashing where he proposed to his girlfriend while flying the plane with a banner behind it saying “Vil du gifte deg med meg” (“Will you marry me” in Norwegian), and sparkling hearts pouring out of it.

The ring Dustin proposed with is made in white gold with a big diamond surrounded by 11 small diamonds and 2 sapphires on each side:

I used this ring as engagement ring until we got married, and now I am using it as my wedding band 💙

Photo Credits: Jacob Spencer, Amanda Imano

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